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FoodMatrix Clinical Studies

Study 1:
Comparative Bioavailability to Humans of Ascorbic Acid Alone or in a Citrus Extract

Study 2:
Comparison of the Toxicity of Inorganic and Natural Selenium

Study 3:
Mechanism and Effect of Excess Copper Supplementation on Body Lipids

Study 4: Relative Bioavailability of Trace Elements and Vitamins Found in Commercial Supplements

Study 5: Relative Bioavailability of Inorganic and Natural Selenium

Study 6: Comparison of the Bioavailability of Trace Elements in Organic Salts, Amino Acid Chelates and Yeast

Study 7:In Vitro and In Vivo Reduction of Erythrocyte Sorbitol by Ascorbic Acid

Study 8: Effect of Vitamins A, E and a Citrus Extract on In Vitro and In Vivo Lipid Peroxidation

Study 9: Inhibition of Protein Glycation and Advanced Glycation end products by ascorbic acid and other vitamins and nutrients

Study 10: A Citrus Extract plus Ascorbic Acid Decreases Lipids, Lipid Peroxides, Lipoprotein Oxidative Susceptibility, and Atherosclerosis in Hypercholesterolemic Hamsters

Study 11:
In Vitro and In Vivo Lipoprotein Antioxidant Effect of a Citrus Extract and Ascorbic Acid on Normal and Hypercholesterolemic Human Subjects

Study 12:
Selenium Yeast is an effective In Vitro and In Vivo Antioxidant and Hypolipemic Agent in Normal Hamsters

Study 13:
Comparison of Different Forms of Calcium on Blood Pressure of Normotensive Young Males

Study 14:
Comparative effect of various forms of chromium on serum glucose; an assay for biologically active chromium

Study 15:
Comparative bioavailability of synthetic and natural Vitamin C in Guinea Pigs

Study 16:
The effect of a high chromium yeast on the blood glucose control and blood lipids of normal and diabetic human subjects

Study 17:
Comparison of two forms of Vitamin C on Galactose Cataracts

Study 18:
Bioavailability of Synthetic Ascorbic Acid and a Citrus Extract

Study 19:
Comparison of the Bio-Availability of Combination Vitamin and Mineral Supplements "baby mammal study"
Study 20:
Comparison of Different Forms of Calcium on Blood Pressure of Normotensive Young Males

Study 21:
Comparison of Calcium Absorption

Study 22:
Comparative Effect of Various Forms of Chromium on Serum Glucose

Study 23:
The Effect of a high Chromium yeast on the Blood Glucose control and Blood Lipids of Normal and Diabetic Human subjects

Study 24:
Comparison of the absorption of different forms of Magnesium

Study 25:
Relative Human Bioavailability of Sodium Selenite and High Selenium Yeast

Study 26:
Effects of Vitamin antioxidant supplementation on cell kinetics of patients with Adenomatous polyps. One year followup

Study 27:
Comparative Bioavailability to humans of Ascorbic acid alone or in a Citrus extract

Study 28:
Citrus Extract and Human Lipids

Study 29:
Effects of Vitamin antioxidant supplementation on cell kinetics of patients with Adenomatous polyps

Study 30:
Human Supplementation with Different forms of Vitamin C

Study 31:
Comparative Human Bioavailability of Zinc

Study 32:
Comparative Human Bioavailability of Copper

Study 33:
Bioavailability of Vitamin B12

Study 34:
Beta carotene Bioavailability study

Study 35:
Relative Bioavailability of Inorganic and Natural Selenium

Study 36:
Comparison of the Bioavailability of trace Elements in Inorganic Salts, Amino Acids and Chelates

Study 37:
Selenium Toxicity Study

Study 38:
Bioavailability of Selenium

Study 39:
Comparison of Two Forms of Vitamin C on Galactose Cataracts

Study 40:
Bioavailability of Vitamin C

Study 41:
Bioavailability of vitamin E

Study 42:
Zinc Bioavailability

Study 43:
Bioavailability of Zinc

Study 44:
Mechanism and effect of excess copper supplementation on body lipids

The FoodMatrix Difference

The core strength of the Sportron product line is the sophistication of its nutritional supplements, which harness a unique technology known as FoodMatrix®. Only three nutritional companies in America have been granted a license to use this groundbreaking technology and Sportron is the only doctor's line.

FoodMatrix® is based on the work of Hungarian scientist, Andrew Szalay, who developed proprietary processes to concentrate micronutrients into food complexes.

Read more about the FoodMatrix® technology.


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