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The FoodMatrix Difference

FoodMatrix® is based on the work of Hungarian scientist, Andrew Szalay, who developed proprietary processes to concentrate micronutrients into food complexes. The technology is supported by recent research, including work by Nobel Prize winner, Dr Günter Blobel.

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Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

All Sportron™ products are manufactured in a GMP Certified Laboratory.

Sportron™ and Grow Company have partnered to bring you an exciting breakthrough in vitamin and mineral supplementation. In order to bring you the highest-quality Vitamins & Minerals available, we adhere to meticulous quality control standards to ensure that every nutrient is optimally maintained and preserved. These include:

  • Quality Inputs – Quarantined and Tested
  • Quality Process – Measured Every 10-30 minutes
  • Quality Outputs – 3rd Party Assays
  • cGMP Standards
  • FDA Inspected Facility and FDA Registered Lab

Quality Inputs

It all starts with the raw materials and ingredients used to grow the vitamins and minerals. The following is a list of the different inputs that go into the process and how they are tested. Raw Ingredients (vitamins, minerals, S. cerevisiae, L. bulgaricus) – Upon arrival to the Grow facility, each of these items is placed into quarantine. They are then tested against high standards to ensure that they are exactly what they say they are. Additionally, when any trucks arrive to load or offload products, they are unloaded in a pressure-sealed area that does not allow foreign agents into the growing facility.

Water Purification

If your water is not pure then your product cannot be pure. When you are growing nutrients, impurities in the water will either kill the batch or find their way into the finished product. All water that is used passes through a state-of-the-art filtration system and removes any impurities to a 1 part per billion standard. This system is tested by an independent contractor on to ensure its quality.

When it comes to your health, you deserve the very best. At Sportron, we are committed to providing you with the highest-quality products and information so that you can take control of your own health.

Quality Process

The growing process for each individual vitamin and mineral is carefully monitored and tested against standards that have been developed and in use for over 20 years. The testing is continuous throughout the process.

  • Sterile Tanks – Before the process can begin, the cultivation tank being used for a particular batch must be cleaned. Clean water is pumped in and brought to a boil. After it is drained, workers in contained cleaning suits scrub down the entire vat. After cleaning, the surface of the vats is tested for contaminants. Only after the tests come back from the lab as clean can the next batch be grown in those tanks.
  • Controlled Monitoring – Once the growing process starts it is carefully monitored by computers and technicians. Every 10-30 minutes the batch undergoes FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy) testing. This is done to ensure that the product meets the required specifications.

Quality Outputs

Even with stringent protocols governing the inputs and the process, Grow Company goes a step further in making sure that the finished product meets standards and is exactly what it says it is. After a batch of vitamin or mineral is finished, a sample is taken and the rest of the batch is immediately placed in sterile, airtight containers.

The samples are sent to a 3rd party for laboratory analysis, and the samples are measured for potency.

Only after a batch has a Certificate of Analysis that shows the product meets standards is the batch released from quarantine and sent back to the facility for distribution.


cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Process) protocols are in place for the manufacture of all FoodMatrix® Nutrients.

FDA Inspected Facility and FDA Registered Lab

The Grow laboratories are FDA inspected and FDA registered. The Grow facility has been subject to FDA inspections over the last 30 years. It has passed each and every one with flying colors, and it posts its most recent inspections on its website. In addition, they follow GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) as mandated by the FDA and EPA.

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